• Many people have chosen to get a Brazilian Keratin Treatment, or are considering one. The reasons range from the need to control unruly frizzy hair to wanting your morning routine to take just 20 minute instead of 2 hours. Whatever the reason may be, before you sit in your stylists? chair, take the time to properly prepare your hair. It will be more than worth the while.
  • First things first, when you call your salon to make your appointment be sure to ask your stylist if they have a preferred hair smoothing product. They may even have a different treatment that they would like you to apply. With some many keratin hair products on the market you may want to know which is going to be used in your hair and to understand if there are any chemicals such as formaldehyde or sodium hydroxide are being used to make the treatment last longer.


  • Nowadays there are chemical free hair straightening products that can offer the same results or better than hair treatments with harsh chemicals. One of such hair treatment is Rio. Argan Therapy is an all-natural keratin treatment that is based on Argan oil Extract, amino acids and white clay which straightens hair naturally without the use of formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals.
  • Usually, your hair stylist will suggest a specific shampoo to help maintain the keratin hair treatment to last longer without stripping the keratin from the hair. The best keratin shampoo and conditioner is one which contains an abundant of silicones and nutrients to clean the hair and rehydrate it from inside-out.


  • If you are considering a hair treatment that is based on chemicals you may want to prepare and strengthen your hair in advance. A good hair conditioning mask will help protect the hair from any damages that may harm your hair. We recommend Rio Argan Oil Hair Mask? You need your hair to be dampened and a towel will be the perfect medium to achieve that. Now apply your hair mask according to the instructions that come with your product. Be sure to invest in a high quality mask. This will ensure the best results. Once you have applied your hair mask, wrap your towel around your head and leave it for about 15 minutes. By doing this, you are giving the mask a chance to do its job without being affected by chemicals that are in the air. When rinsing your hair mask out, use cold water. This also helps to seal the moisture in.
  • Unless your stylist says otherwise, this is a great way to ensure that your minimizing the damage a Brazilian Keratin Treatment can possibly cause. Make sure to avoid using a conditioner before and after your Keratin Treatment. This could cause your hair to react poorly to the process and it may not straighten as well as hoped.

As always, use a quality Brazilian Keratin product and if possible look for hair salons that use natural hair straightening products such as Rio extensive line of natural products. Visit their website for details and further information.

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